Pedal Art Poster

Graphic representations of popular bike races in Iowa that I am trying out for Pedal Art 2012 in association with Bike Month and the Des Moines Bicycle Collective .
RAGBRAI = The Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. 
RAID = Race Across Iowa in a Day. The race is 300 miles and the average speed of the racers needs to be 16mph for them to finish in one days time.
Cirrem is a 100k gravel road race that takes place late in February during the dead of winter.
Spooky ‘Cross is a cyclocross race held during Halloween. Racers are encouraged to wear costumes.

Hand drawn lettering

Over the summer I created some work for a solo show. I began researching the genre of typographic posters. Hand-lettered signs, posters, and product design began to intrigue me so I began to create some of my own. What culminated is a show of my very first attempts at this form of typography. Surely this won’t be my last foray with this type of work.

Semester recap

Had some good work from the Illustration class this semester. Worked on a variety of techniques first half of the semester, both traditional and a combination of traditional and digital. The second half of the semester they used these techniques to create gig posters, childrens books, advertisements and editorial illustrations.